SB 706- The COFA Medicaid Outreach bill

SB 706– The COFA Medicaid Outreach bill requests 2 multilingual, multicultural FTE’s for the
Oregon Health Authority (OHA). It also requests a $300,000 grant to an organization that has
experience in reaching and supporting the Medicaid eligible COFA citizens in their household
locations in order to effectively complete the Medicaid application process. The organization
must have experience in administering grants that utilize COFA lingual and culturally competent
staff. This bill is essential in order to reach all eligible COFA citizens in the state of Oregon for
Medicaid. Without this bill, there will be many eligible persons that will not receive any medical
services, perhaps as many as 30 to 50 percent as most COFA citizens have never heard of
Medicaid and will not be able to negotiate the application / enrollment processes due to
language, access issues and/or mobility handicaps.

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