Mission and Purpose

COFA Alliance National Network (CANN) is an Oregon based non-profit organization that is dedicated to advocating for the people of the three Pacific Island nations (Republic of Palau, Republic of the Marshall Islands, and the Federated States of Micronesia) that have a unique Compact or treaty with the United States. The treaty is called the Compact of Free Association. The primary goal of the organization is to seek social and economic justice under the law for all COFA residents in Oregon and throughout the 50 states and its territories.

Meet our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consist of community and legislative leaders and friends. All working toward one goal and Mission of providing for the citizens of the COFA nations

Legislative Work

Learn more about about the legislative and advocacy work that CANN is doing to improve the lives of the COFA community

SB-557 and HB 2557— The COFA Dental Equity Bills

SB-557 and HB 2557— The COFA Dental Equity Bills

SB-557 and HB 2557— Essentially unanimous bills. The COFA Dental Equity Bill will provideMedicaid-level dental care for those who do not qualify for Medicaid but do qualify for theCOFA Premium Assistance Program for their medical insurance. Medicaid is available to COFAcitizens through age 64. The expectation is that people will transition to Medicare at the…

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B 553- The COFA/Refugee Equity Tuition Bill

B 553- The COFA/Refugee Equity Tuition bill will provide in-state tuition rates for all COFAcitizens and Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) refugees in Oregon Higher Education Colleges andUniversities. It is estimated that it may impact 100 COFA students and 10 or fewer refugeestudents. The bill will significantly increase the numbers of these students that reach their…

SB 706- The COFA Medicaid Outreach bill

SB 706- The COFA Medicaid Outreach bill

SB 706– The COFA Medicaid Outreach bill requests 2 multilingual, multicultural FTE’s for theOregon Health Authority (OHA). It also requests a $300,000 grant to an organization that hasexperience in reaching and supporting the Medicaid eligible COFA citizens in their householdlocations in order to effectively complete the Medicaid application process. The organizationmust have experience in administering…

CANN is proud to co-sponsor the “Ultimate Sacrifice: Advocating for Health Justice for COFA Residents”.  The video highlights the history and current health impact of a nuclear legacy in the Marshall Islands, much of Micronesia and the Pacific Islands.  These stories share insights into the collective struggles of all the Pacific Island communities experiencing systemic inequities resulting in generational health disparities. We honor and express our heartfelt appreciation to Erine Peter-Jitiam, Dr. Sheldon Riklon, and RMI Consul General Eldon Alik for sharing their stories.  Special thanks to David Anitok, CANN’s Co-founder &Community Organizer, Lilly Adams, Consultant for Union of Concerned Scientists, and Brian Cowden, Director & Founder of Cross Roads 2020 film for making sure that this work elevates the voices of our the communities.  Additional “Thank You” to Dr. Holly Barker, Dr. Barbara Johnson, Ambassador Gerald Zackios, and most importantly the Enewetak community in the Big Islands.  

FSM Task Force Vaccine survey

Ran Annim, Lenwo, Mogethin, and Kaselehlie,

This survey is being conducted by the FSM Taskforce USA and is intended to collect information from our FSM communities specific to COVID-19 and the vaccines that are available.  Participation is voluntary and no private or confidential information will be asked of you.

This survey will help us better understand the perception of COVID-19 and the vaccines within our FSM communities.  With this information the taskforce will be able to provide the necessary assistance for our communities to make more informed decisions about the vaccine and understand how to register to receive the vaccines in your local areas.