SB-147 (COFA Oral Healthcare Bill)

fort_myers_dentist_toothbrushes-id-94911b7c-14c1-4c24-824f-61eac074d2f4SB-147: Directs Study of the possibility of adding dental care to the COFA Premium Plan.

In 2015, the Oregon State Legislature directed the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Health Insurance Marketplace, to study the feasibility of establishing a COFA Health Insurance Premium Plan. The result of this study was an actionable report that resulted in the establishment of the COFA Premium Assistance Program during the 2016 regular short session. This program is currently being administered by the Insurance Marketplace and is on track to enroll approximately 300 individuals.

During conversations around the initial legislation, study, and final bill, it was often mentioned that a dental health component was needed. Because of the amount of work already invested in developing the current premium program, it was felt that adding dental would set the whole program back and jeopardized everything that had been developed thus far. It was then agreed that once the initial COFA premium program was up and running – and it is, we would revisit the possibility of adding a dental health component.

SB-147 is the next step in that conversation.It goes without saying that investments in dental health yield

It goes without saying that investments in dental health yield returns that more than justify a study. It should also be noted that because the COFA program is not a Medicaid program, but a Medicaid equivalent program, COFA enrollees do not have the dental component enjoyed by Oregon Health Plan enrollees. Furthermore, because of this unique situation, any information discovered during this study, could be used to inform the possibility of delivering dental health to other, non-Medicaid qualified populations in Oregon.

CANN and the communities it represents requests a yes vote on SB147 so our people can accesses all of the medically necessary services to live long and productive life’s here in Oregon.

We thank you for your support.


Senate Bill 147
Download SB-147 (PDF)

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