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In response to COVID-19, COFA Alliance National Network (CANN) received funding from the Oregon Health Authority to support our Oregon COFA community members who have tested positive for COVID-19 and require isolation or quarantine. We are able to provide rental assistance for COFA community members in the following counties – Clackamas, Lane, Marion, Multnomah, Polk, Washington and Union Counties. We have several staff members who can help you with the process of applying for assistance and they speak the various languages of the COFA island nations.  Or you can download the following forms, fill them out and email them to to submit a request for assistance. 

Below are the forms you will need to submit a request for COVID-19 assistance. These are fillable forms so you should be able to fill them out online and save them.  

  1. Self-Referral Form
  2. Attestation Form
  3. Additional documents you must provide along with the forms are:
    • Copy of your positive test result or an isolation/quarantine document from public health or employer


CANN has hired Wraparound Resource Advocates to support COFA Community members who have tested positive for COVID-19 or have been  someone who is COVID-19 positive. We are here to help and to ensure that you get the help you need in the COFA language you prefer. Please feel free to call any of us for assistance.

Alexandrea Mailo

Chuukese Outreach Enrollment Specialist


Phone Number: (971) 209-5859

Cindy Walter

Marshallese Outreach Enrollment Specialist


Phone Number: (541) 910-7998

Jordan Omwere

Chuukese Outreach Enrollment Specialist

Phone Number: (541) 975-0123


Kathleen Jonathan

Marshallese Outreach Enrollment Specialist


Phone Number: (971) 375-5542

Lisa Perman

Pohnpeian Outreach Enrollment Specialist


Phone Number: (503) 686-9973

Liza Merrill

Chamorro Outreach Enrollment Specialist


Phone Number: (971) 432-0038

McGraig Takeshi

Palauan Outreach Enrollment Specialist

Phone Number: (541) 962-5580

Pamela Fredrick

Pohnpeian Outreach Enrollment Specialist

Phone Number: (541) 975-0`125

Perry Terukara

Chuukese Outreach Enrollment Specialist


Phone Number: (503) 949-6108

Ramon Fukuichi

Palauan Outreach Enrollment Specialist


Phone Number: (541) 805-4564

Ronica Reimers

Marshallese Outreach Enrollment Specialist


Phone Number: (503) 735-5942

*All Contact Tracers & Wraparound Resource Advocates are bilingual.

Please click below for resources available in your county:

External Resources & Assistance

Rental & Utilities
Below is a state map with the risk level in each county

Extended to June 30, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccines Information



We can also help COFA communities, organizations, churches and other large and small groups with PPE (masks, hand sanitizers, gloves, etc.) If you are in need of some assistance, please complete the CANN COMMUNITY SUPPORT REQUEST FORM below and we will get back to you.

Additional Resources

Department of Humans Services

Oregon Department of Human Services has provided a one-stop online resource page for community-based organizations to find a wide range of resources to help during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Oregon Department of Education Food Resources This ODE page has links to each Oregon district’s web page with information about how they are feeding kids during school closure.

Oregon Food Bank: This food finder site is updated regularly with locations for accessing food in a safe and convenient manner.



Governor Kate Brown Issues Commercial Eviction Ban: Governor Kate Brown today issued Executive Order, placing a 90-day moratorium on commercial evictions for nonpayment, in light of the impacts on business owners caused by the COVID-19 crisis. The order also strengthens Governor Brown’s previous ban on residential evictions, and prohibits landlords from charging tenants late fees for nonpayment of rent during the moratorium.

Oregon Housing Assistance See list of various housing assistance programs that are designed for lower income Oregonians, operate through local agencies (CAAs) and community service providers.

Oregon Utility/Energy Assistance Program See list of agencies in each county that helps provide utility assistance.


The Oregon Employment Department continues to respond to questions related to layoffs, work-hour reductions and unemployment claims. As conditions change daily, the department encourages people to visit its COVID-19 employment page for the most current information.




Oregon Department of Justice 

What is a Hate and Bias Incident? A hate and bias incident is any hostile expression that may be motivated by another person’s race, color, disability, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity. The act does not need to be a federal, state or local crime.

Examples of Hate and Bias Incidents Hate and bias acts can be verbal, physical, or visual. This language and behavior often contributes to, or creates, an unsafe or unwelcoming environment. Some examples include:

  • Name calling; using a racial, ethnic or other slur to identify someone; or using degrading language. Creating racist or derogatory graffiti or images/drawings. Imitating someone with a disability, or imitating someone’s cultural norm or practice.

Why Should I Report? While hate and bias incidents sometimes target specific individuals, they often violate an entire group or community’s sense of safety and belonging. Graffiti on the wall, fliers, anonymous emails and language meant to harass individuals convey intolerance that impacts all of us. We want Oregon to be welcoming and inclusive.

The Oregon Employment Department provides Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits to most workers who are out of work through no fault of their own. In non-pandemic times, to get benefits, workers must meet some requirements. In general, to receive UI benefits for a week, you must be able to work, be available for work, and look for work you can do. During these times, the agency’s temporary rules (linked below) add flexibility to those requirements, by helping those who are temporarily laid off stay connected to their employers, and accommodating Stay Home, Save Lives orders as they relate to availability for work. Please read the questions below for more details.