What We’ve Done


Part of CANN’s mission is to provide social and economic justice under law to the COFA community. CANN’s Involvement in Oregon State Legislature has influenced the passing of several bills that further improves the lives of the COFA community. Below are some of the bills that CANN has support and passed through the passed year. Please continue to support the work that CANN is doing for you.

Education & Outreach

CANN also provides education on various topics relating to COFA Nations and the challenges we experience in our daily lives. You can be involved in these work through volunteering and supporting the work that CANN does. CANN also provides different opportunities for our COFA community to grow and advance in various field, Visit our career and job page below.

Social & Advocacy Work

CANN strongly supports our COFA communities have the rights that have been entitle to them. CANN can assist you in navigating though unfamiliar areas in the social work system as well as providing the resources that can help you overcome certain obstacles.

Visit our resource page