Executive Director Position

The Executive Director (ED) will report to the COFA Alliance National Network Board of Directors and is responsible for executing the vision, mission, overall organizational strategic plan. This involves the supervision and coordination of staff, volunteer service program: implementation of programs, events and activities; this involves developing outreach efforts; and engaging with board members, volunteers, community members, funders, financial institutions and more to further the mission of CANN. Fundamental responsibilities include, but are not limited to, organizational program planning, building community and public relations, personnel management, acting as a liaison to the Board of Directors, and performing a variety of foundational asks, grants and fiscal management..


  1. Support efforts to develop and implement CANN’s strategic priorities:
    1. Lead the development and implementation of CANN’s strategic plan, in collaboration with the Board of Directors.
    2. Communicate with the Board of Directors in a timely manner regarding operations, resource management, events and programming and more.
    3. Work with the Board of Directors to ensure that there is satisfactory support in implementing and applying Board and committee work. 
  2. Events, Activities and Program Planning:
    1. Oversee program planning and implementation in accordance with the strategic priorities. 
    2. Work with board members and volunteers for community outreach; develop and maintain relations, collaborations, partnerships, and coalitions with agencies and organizations
  3. Policies & Processes:
    1. Lead the work in collaboration with the Board of Directors to develop clear policies and processes to reinforce the strategic plan and address critical needs and issues regarding organizational structure and protocols.
  4. Fundraising and Community Relations 
    1. Oversee the development and implementation of a strategic organizational funding strategy. 
    2. Work with the Board to research, petition for, fundraise, and find resources from individuals and corporations to further our financial capacity. 
    3. Manage and implement the development and submission of grant proposals, grant reports and other agency compliance requirements.
    4. Develop relationships with grantors, sponsors, stakeholders, organizations, and agencies to solicit, promote and sustain support for CANN’s work and implementation of our goals and objectives
  5. Work Environment / Organizational Culture 
    1. Establish and maintain a work environment that is welcoming and supportive of people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, encourages inclusive practices, supports collaboration, teamwork and mutual respect.
    2. Communicate clearly CANN’s mission and values to colleagues, volunteers, friends and other constituents.
    3. Provide necessary supervision, support, and guidance in a way that empowers individuals to operate at their optimum level.
    4. Keep an open-line of communication with Board members, volunteers and other partners to ensure well-timed communication.
    5. Ensure that events, programs and activities have a cultural perspective that is inclusive and equitable for the appropriate community and there is adequate support for ensuring all participants are included.



  • A passion to positively transform the lives of COFA Islander youths, families and communities.
  • Professional experience with leadership accomplishments in business, government, philanthropy, or the nonprofit sector.
  • Demonstrated commitment to building leaders, leadership and collective action 
  • Demonstrated ability to promote the organization’s agenda to the public and media
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent to 4 years or more in community building, organizing, training and mentorship, direct lobbying at the local, state or federal levels.
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Strong fundraising skills
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Experience working with nonprofits and involved with public policy 


  • Demonstrated organizational management skills and experience
  • Demonstrated experience in building networks and collaborations to accomplish shared goals
  • Creative thinker
  • Significant knowledge of the history of COFA communities, well rounded understanding of the Micronesian cultures, and their migration stories. 
  • Fundraising experience including grant writing, donor cultivation, and fee-for-service models
  • Grassroots organizing experience
  • Thorough understanding of local, state and national issues impacting COFA Pacific Islanders and other populations of colors
  • Strategic planning and organizational development experience 
  • Deep understanding of building effective and healthy networks
  • Experience in administration of volunteer, non-profit, or public service agency or
  • Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in social work, psychology or related area with requisite experience in administering an organization or division involved in human social services.  

To apply, applicants must provide the following:
1) Cover letter (which includes your interested in the position as well as past experience, skills and training relevant to the work.)
2) Resume (which includes work and volunteer experiences, etc.)
3) List of 3 references (their names, emails, and phone numbers)
4) Send letter of interest, resume and references to board-staff@cann.us