Position Title: COFA Resource Coordinator & Translator position

Rate of Pay: $15 – $20 per hour or Up to 75 cents per word

Hours per week: 10 – 15 hours

Summary of Position Description:
COFA Alliance National Network is partnering with Oregon Health Authority in seeking dedicated individuals to assist as a Resource Coordinator & Translator to support the various Oregon County Public Health in an effort to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. The position will work remotely to conduct a virtual needs check and connect at-risk COVID-19 positive patients and people in quarantine to community resources.

Job responsibilities include,

  • Identify social services and community resources that would benefit COVID-19 patients and their families, such as food banks, mental health services, visiting nurses, and other community programs helping patients in need and/or people in isolation or quarantine.
  • Conduct virtual needs checks with patients and their contacts and connect them to community resources.
  • Assist the Contact Tracers with phone calls to COVID-19 patients to provide support and gather information and help patients recall everyone with whom they have had close contact with during the timeframe while they may have been infectious. Then, call the contacts to discuss their potential exposure.
  • Communicate with contacts in a professional and empathetic manner.
  • Collect and record information on symptoms into a Client Resource Management (CRM) platform.
  • Read and review current material already written in English and translate it into one of the COFA languages as needed.  
  • Proofread and edit other translators’ work when needed.
  • Assist with language specific needs in written materials and video especially focused on modes that are most used by the communities and will be received well by them.
  • Participate in all training necessary for the role.
  • Maintain contact with the supervisor.
  • Conduct other related duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

  • High School Diploma or GED.
  • Familiarity with and experience working in Oregon health care system.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to interact professionally with culturally diverse individuals during a time of crisis and distress.
  • Good writing skills and ability to communicate verbally in a professional and empathetic manner.
  • Great organizational skills, a self-starter, and have the ability to work in an environment with strict deadlines.
  • Ability to comply with regulations, handle confidential information with discretion and professionalism  and communicate official information in an appropriate manner.
  • Computer skills are necessary and should include the ability to access and navigate various databases and software programs.
  • Work experience and/or lived experience with communities experiencing/at risk of disproportionate COVID-19 impact.
  • Ability to speak, read, and write in English as well as proficiency and fluency in one of the four primary COFA languages (Pohnpeian, Chuukese, Marshallese and Palauan) is required.
  • Access to a telephone, computer, and reliable internet connection.
  • Must exhibit sound judgement and good interpersonal communication and customer service skills.

Desired Qualifications

  • College-level education (i.e. Bachelor’s degree is social work, public health or a related field, or 4 years of related professional experience is preferred.
  • Experience  with or knowledge of social work or public health is preferred.
  • Flexibility, professionalism and the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously are highly valued attributes
  • Preference will be given to residents of the following Oregon counties: Union, Washington, Marion, Polk, Multnomah and Clackamas.

Additional Information

  • This is a part-time (approximately 20 hours per week) position.
  • This is a remote position.
  • Submit a letter of interest, resume and list of 3 references.