Liza Merril, Program and Finance Manager


Ronica Reimers, CBO Lead


Ronica was born and raised in the Marshall Islands. She is fluent in both the Marshallese language and the English language. Ronica moved to Oregon from the Marshall Islands in 2002 and currently lives in Multnomah County. As a Contact Tracer and Wraparound Resource Advocate, Ronica is willing to do her part in helping the COFA community during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is with a caring heart that she is moved to advocate for our community.

Perry Samor, Chuukese Outreach Enrollment Specialist Manager

Kathleen Jonathan, Marshallese Outreach & Enrollment Specialist

Kathleen Jonathan is a native of the Republic of the Marshall Islands.  She moved from the islands to Hawai’i with her sons in 1996 to pursue her education and graduated from the University of Hawaii in Hilo in 2002.  She and her family moved to Oregon right after, and she has remained a resident of Oregon since then.

Kathleen works for the Salem-Keizer Public Schools serving Pacific Islander students district-wide.  She enjoys meeting new students and their families and is passionate about her advocacy work, especially when it comes to students and families who do not understand the language and do not know how to navigate the system.  Her work with the school district has led her to be more involved in the larger COFA community of Oregon doing advocacy work through the COFA Alliance National Network (CANN).

When she can, Kathleen enjoys spending time with her family and close friends.

Alexandrea Mailo, Chuukese Outreach & Enrollment Specialist

Ms. Alexandrea Mailo is a college graduate from the College of Micronesia, where she
received her A.A degree in Liberal Arts. She also holds a post- graduate certificate in Data for Decision Making from Fiji National University which she attended while working for public health department in Chuuk. She is now residing in the state of Oregon and currently working for the COFA Alliance National Network as a contact tracer and wrap around resource advocate. She said, “
just right when I step foot in health services and come to know more about her community that
is impacted by many health problems, it motivated her in reaching out to the people of her
community and helping those in need, in regards to health services, resources and healthy
living.” – she thinks this is her fade and she was born to help those in need if God permits.

Ramon Fukuichi, EO CANN President, Palauan Outreach & Enrollment Specialist


Ramon Fukuichi is originally from the Republic of Palau and now lives in La Grande, Oregon. He was one of the founding members of EO CANN, being their very first treasurer. He also played an important role in drafting the Bylaws of EO CANN and running 5 successful Food Drives in Union County. The food drives achieved feeding on average 800 INDIVIDUALS from over 300 FAMILIES per event during his first term as officer! Through his works, he wants to remind our community not to be feel undeserving of benefits set out for us and to take advantage of them because it’s, in fact, our right:“You work hard, pay taxes, contribute to your community, and therefore are deserving of the support services available in your area and you can always come to us to find any of your needs.”-R.F.Ramon continues to inspire our community members and set out a positive leadership in CANN. Stay tuned with CANN to learn more about our work and how leaders like Ramon help COFA islanders by stepping up and sharing opportunities that benefit our communities.”

Cindy Walter, Marshallese Outreach & Enrollment Specialist

Cindy Walter was born and raised in the Marshall Islands. She graduated from the College of Micronesia-FSM with an AA in Liberal Arts. Cindy attended Eastern Oregon University in 1996. She went to church, met her husband (love at first sight), and had three girls. Cindy started her Adult Foster Home in 2009. Unfortunately, Adult Foster Home had to close its doors in 2017 due to a battle with thyroid cancer. She loves working with the senior community. God blessed her and her husband with five boys and healed her. Today she is still cancer-free. She enjoys going to church spending time with her children and grandchildren and passionate about working with our COFA community members.

Pamela Fredrick, Pohnpeian Outreach & Enrollment Specialist

Kaselelie. My name is Pamela Fredrick and I am from The state of Pohnpei, the capitol of FSM. I am now residing in La Grande Oregon in Union county. I recently graduated from Eastern Oregon University(EOU) in Spring 2020 with my Bachelors in Communication Studies. Currently I am part of the Eastern Oregon CANN chapter as their new Secretary. I am also serving as a service member for the Oregon National Guard. Since my college years till present day, I’ve always had the passion to help people especially our fellow COFA community. I always make sure that people are getting the help they need and I didn’t know that I was doing advocacy work. My EOU years taught me that the kind of work I was doing is advocacy work and I grew to love it. When people come to me for help I do anything in my capabilities to provide support and resources. Now that I am working closely with CANN, I will do anything to support our community, make sure our voices are being heard, and to ensure that we are served equitably according to our diverse community needs.

Lisa Perman , Pohnpeian Outreach & Enrollment Specialist

Lisa Perman, from the beautiful garden state of Pohnpei, has been supporting her community during this pandemic as one of two Pohnpeian Outreach & Enrollment Specialists providing Covid-19 wraparound support and, more recently, as an OHP applicant assister. Lisa graduated from Western Oregon University with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and legal studies minor. Her advocacy work kicked off after she became a board member for CANN in 2019. Her involvement in the community includes coordinating legislative day for COFA citizens and advocating for social justice through testimonials for SB 263 (tuition bill) and HB 2706 (dental bill), just to name a few. She has lived in Oregon for more than ten years, and it has become her home away from home. Her passion for helping her fellow community members continue to grow, and she hopes to continue to advocate effectively for social justice for COFA citizens.

Jordan Omwere, Chuukesse Outreach & Enrollment Specialist

Iakwe! My name is Jordan Omwere. I am of Chuukese descent, but I was born and raised on Guam. I moved out here to Oregon with my family in 2004 and have resided here since then. I joined the CANN team because it is a passion and somewhat of a natural instinct for me to help and serve others.

McGraig Takeshi, Communications Lead, Palauan Outreach & Enrollment Specialist

McGraig is originally form the Republic of Palau and now lives in La Grande, Oregon. He works in the Communications and IT department in CANN. McGraigs passion mostly revolves around IT as well as advocating for our community members. McGraig looks forward to bringing his experiences, personal and professional, to CANN and doing his part to help achieve the organizational goals for our community.