SB-557 and HB 2557— The COFA Dental Equity Bills

SB-557 and HB 2557— Essentially unanimous bills. The COFA Dental Equity Bill will provide
Medicaid-level dental care for those who do not qualify for Medicaid but do qualify for the
COFA Premium Assistance Program for their medical insurance. Medicaid is available to COFA
citizens through age 64. The expectation is that people will transition to Medicare at the age of
65, however many if not most COFA citizens do not qualify for Medicare as they do not have
the required quarterly credits (40). Those that do not qualify for Medicare, but do qualify for
COFA Premium Assistance, will be able to have dental care once this bill is passed. Also those
who do not qualify for Medicaid, but do qualify for Oregon Supplemental Income Program,
Medical insurance would be covered for dental care.

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