CANN – WA meets US Congressman Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA, District 9)

On Monday, April 22, 2019, at approximately 11:30 AM, CANN-WA members David Anitok and Driskell Jack joined the group Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility (WPSR). The WPSR has begun to host an In-District Lobby Days to encourage Washington State Members of Congress like (Rep. Adam Smith, D-WA-9) to take positions on nuclear weapons policies while they are at home in the district during the Congressional Recess, the week of April 22-26. The theme of this lobby day is to “Protect Our Home; No New Nukes”. The goal of these lobby visits will be to move members of Congress to support ‘No First Use’ and the ‘Hold the Lyne Act’; and to learn more about how to continue to move them (long term) towards an aligned position with the US, on nuclear weapons policies. The lobby day is being coordinated nationally by the ‘United Against Nuclear Weapons Coalition’ and locally by the ‘Washington Against Nuclear Weapons coalition’ and ‘Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility. As some of you may have already heard that a bill H.R.921, which is to establish the policy of the United States regarding the ‘no-first-use of nuclear weapons has already been introduced on 01/30/2019 by Rep. Smith [D-WA-9] according to CONGRESS.GOV. So our visit was mainly to meet with Congressman Smith for championing on such issues and to encourage open dialogue on nuclear weapons spending and posture to challenge Cold War policies and to see how we can build support for his policy platform on nuclear weapons across WA State. As for our Pacific Islanders and Washington State CANN Advocate, David Anitok was adamant in briefing Rep. Smith on how nuclear weapons impacted the Marshallese and other Pacific Islanders in the 9th Leg District and on how Mr. Smith can help with COFA/Health Care access for Marshallese/COFA citizens who have been harmed by US nuclear weapons policy. Mr. Anitok and I joined the visit to Mr. Adam’s office to beseech in the hope, that what was done to the Marshallese/COFA citizens in the Marshall Islands would not be done to anybody else. 57750814_10214441482012010_1060732715952766976_o[Some of the members of the WPSR are shown in this picture with Congressman Adam Smith [D-WA-9]. Standing in the front row from L-R: Carly Brook, Mona Lee, Rep. Adam Smith, Jeanelle Sales, (Back) Jonathan Brown, Bruce Amundson, Driskell J. Jack, and David Lucinda Anitok! Praise Be To God for granting us the opportunity to meet with Congressman Adam Smith [D-WA-9]!