Update on HB 2706 COFA Dental Program in Oregon

Hello COFA Community Advocates and Friends,

We had good news last Thursday, 04/04/2019, as we learned that the HB 2706 COFA Dental Program was carried to the Ways & Means Committee. Once again, thank you, your organization, members and the COFA community for all the hard work, support and for showing up to join in solidarity to support the bill. There will be additional work and possible requests for the involvement of different stakeholders in the near future. As we learn more and what is expected of us in order to continue moving forward, we will update you.
Again, thank you and it is a pleasure to be collaborating with you and your organizations.
Kommol tata, Kalahngan, Kinisou Chapur, Sulang, Kammangargath, Kulo, and Thank you!

COFA Alliance National Network Board Members:
Joe Enlet, President
Bennie Moses-Mesubed, Vice President
Kathleen Jonathan, Treasurer
Perry Samor Terukara, Secretary
Kiana Angelo, Board Member
David Bernard, Board Member
Loyd Henion, Board Member/Lobbyist
Paulina Perman, Board Member