Enrollment Letters

As a friendly reminder, when you enrolled into the Oregon COFA Insurance Program, there are several letters you should receive.

1. Letters from Oregon Health Plan, denying you OHP coverage. You should only be eligible for CAWEMS (emergency coverage). Any of your children under age 19 if you signed them for OHP, have OHP.

2. Letters from Department of Consumer and Business Services. THIS IS THE PROGRAM that pays for your medical premium. If you received a letter from the department, the letter you are looking for has the following:

RE: Welcome to the COFA Premium Assistance Program


Congratulations! We have approved your application for the COFA Premium Assistance Program.

You may receive monthly premium bills from your insurance carrier; keep this for your records. Do not pay these bills. Starting with your January 2018 premium . . .

If you received this letter, you do NOT need to pay for your medical premium. if you did not receive this letter or received a different letter, it means your application has not yet been approved and YOU NEED to pay your monthly medical premium. Contact us right away so we can determine what needs to be completed.

3. Bills from your insurance (for example, Kaiser Permanente, Providence, etc). You will receive this every month. If you were approved for the COFA program, do NOT pay it. If you were NOT approved, you NEED to pay it.

4. Letters from the Health Insurance Marketplace from
Kentucky. The letter talks about what insurance you and anyone else in your family selected. There may be documents that have to be sent in. Contact your insurance agent to submit those documents.

It is important you read your letters. We can help.